Toys are no longer strange to us when they are part of human development as well as a highly entertaining object in life. Every child growing up cannot lack toys. From simple toys that have been made rudimentary to this day with more advanced technology, a variety of eye-catching, sophisticated models and toys have been born.
As a parent, everyone put the safety of toys for children first, then the effect of toys on the mind and body of their children. Therefore, many parents have asked questions about the choice of any toys for their children.
A special thing that not everyone knows in the West, especially the countries with the booming children’s toy industry, you will only see plastic toy shelves which are extremely small inside a wooden toy stall. Although the plastic toy industry developed quite early and was a hundred times bigger than wooden toys. However, the parents’ preference is always more about wooden toys than plastic.
So why should you choose wooden toys rather than plastic toys?
Kết quả hình ảnh cho why we choose wooden toys

1. Create great feeling and safety when touching and using

Wooden toys are an object of natural origin, so when using them or touching them, you will feel the difference between it and plastic toys. Feelings, scents, and temperature are different. A toy made of wood will have to go through stages of processing such as grinding with Best Angle Grinder to make the product not dangerous for users or painting colors to make it more beautiful and meaning. Besides, each wood has a different aroma, these scents do not emit smell but also stimulate the minds of people as well as children to help them relax, thereby increasing their ability to develop, and a final unique point from that wood material is It will create warmth when used. Meanwhile, plastic objects give a slippery feel, the smell of plastic is very strong, and the temperature is cold.

Currently, scientists have expressed great concern about the chemicals found in plastics and toys from synthetic materials. PVC is the main concern and this is because chemical groups called phthalates, added during the production of toys. This is particularly important. Because children often tend to give all things in their mouths unconsciously, especially during teething. When babies and young children chew on plastic toys. The toxins can seep out and be digested. They can damage the reproductive system and health.
Does this make you feel scared and need to avoid these toys completely?

Exactly, you should probably stay away from it because you can’t choose from a lot of toys with quality that we don’t know. Therefore, I would rather pick a toy that I definitely know its safety ratio more than worry about whether it will harm later.

2. Quality over quantity

A wooden toy will give you a much longer time to use. They are robust, durable and hard to break like other toys. Moreover, wood if damaged or smashed, they usually do not produce sharp edges and can be repaired. In particular, wooden toys are not deformed, distorted, not discolored for a long time. Therefore, it is entirely safe for children to use.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho đồ chơi gỗ

Their ability to biodegrade is also very good – this can be compared to plastic toys to see better. Because often plastic toys will be recycled or finished in landfills and not destroyed by their constituents.

Not only that, but you also can be saving a sum of money because of their durability which will be used by the next children in your family.

3. Stimulate your imagination and creativity

While high-tech toys help bring laughter to children but will make children much more passive, wooden toys create many conditions that encouraging children to develop creativity and imagination of them. In order for children to play wooden toys without being bored, let’s play with them to create more interesting ways each day.

Today, wooden toys are games with open ends and no pre-established boundaries. Children exposed to wooden toys like this way will use their imagination and creativity to create perfect works. Simply it’s just the small toys but the play of the majority of toys made of wood requires creativity, logical thinking, discovery. Studies show that they often do very well in solving problems with multiple answers.

Hình ảnh có liên quan

Wooden toys made from craftsmen are mainly, they use best wood chisels to create shapes and letters on wooden surfaces. Noticeable, they always say no to chemicals and many other harmful substances. Another thing is that wooden toys also have the ability to recycle into new forms with new ways of playing.

With Wood Toys products that move: Your baby will work tirelessly. Babies will consume a lot of energy with games like Bowling, towing, pitching, fishing, horse riding, etc And of course, the meals after these games all come to your baby easily. The baby will quickly reload energy to continue developing.

With the Wooden Toys group to practice skills: The children will practice their dexterity and creativity through the games such as Assemble, build, simulate, craft, etc. The actions, skills, movements of the children will be gradually matured. The dexterity of the baby is increasing. Someday, parents may not believe why their children can do things that require high finesse beyond imagination.

With educational wooden toys group: Children will be acquainted, learning in a gentle way. The knowledge of color, language, natural, etc. They gradually absorbed into the baby. And then this will help your child gain more knowledge and be ready to go to school.


In short, with these 3 benefits. Wooden Toys are expected to regain their status in modern families. With the mission to regain childhood, hope that Wooden Toys can win the trust of parents. And bring a smile to the youth. Besides, if you can create a wooden toy for your child, it’s even more amazing. You can refer to the best woodworking books to learn more about how to create simple wooden toys. For me, making an item by myself for my child will bring a lot of meaning to the child’s childhood and the relationship between my child and me.

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