One of the decisive factors for the quality of wood in making furniture is moisture. Why is moisture so important? Because wood is a material with about 90 percent water. therefore it is easy to get mold or damage if not stored in a place with suitable moisture.

Understanding that important, manufacturers have quickly created many types of the best moisture meter for the wood so that users can control the moisture content of the wood and take measures to preserve it properly.

Moisture Meter

On the market today two types of wood moisture meters are most commonly used, which are a pin – type moisture meter and a pinless-type moisture meter. These two machines all have their strengths and weaknesses (in the opinion of most users). If a pin type moisture meter can help users measure the humidity accurately by inserting it deep into the wood. Then the pinless type moisture meter allows users to easily measure moisture on a large wooden plane.

After seeing the plus and minus points of these two devices. Many people wonder why we can’t use a tool that combines all the strengths of these two devices. Therefore, the all-in-one wood moisture meter was born. It quickly satisfied most customers who want to measure wood moisture.

 In this article, I will show the outstanding benefits of this device for those who do not know about it and can consider and choose.

First benefit: Increase the speed and accuracy when measuring

When you use an all-in-one moisture meter, you can apply the function of a pinless meter to measure the moisture content of large wooden floors or wooden planes. That helps you to locate the wood surface where to have inappropriate moisture. Next, you use the mode of the pin-type moisture meter, plug the measuring feet deep into the position you marked. That helps you measure more precisely the moisture and can take measures to preserve and deal with that problem.

Second benefit: save space where you leave the device

A carpenter, a professional contractor works in large carpentry workshops, who are equipped with many tools from hand saws, wood chisels, … to be utilized anywhere if necessary. 

Imagining that, if you had to carry all three types of hygrometer with battery, pinless and temperature in your tool bag, It was terrible and exhausting, wasn’t it? Your bag has a lot of things and it is now heavier than. Moreover, if you require to use them, it will be difficult to find. 

The all-in-one moisture meter comes with outstanding advantages such as compact, durable, convenient, does not occupy much space in your tool bag. You can leave it in a small compartment in your pocket and take it anywhere if you want to measure moisture immediately.

Besides, instead of having to care for and store three separate devices, you only need to maintain one device, which will make the process of storing your tools easier.

Third benefit: Many leading utilities

There are several projects where the pinless type moisture meter outperforms the battery meter, and there are jobs that battery meters are much more useful than pinless meters.

 For example, when monitoring the moisture in large, flat pieces of wood such as wooden planks for flooring, a pinless moisture meter is the ideal device to quickly scan these flat objects. However, the major weakness of a non-battery moisture meter is that the surface of the material must be smooth to operate and measure. Therefore, in wooden scratches, holes or wooden art decorations, this device cannot be used. 

With this all-in-one device, you don’t need to worry about that. All you need to make is switch the machine mode from the pinless function to the battery duty and you can read all the wood which has different shapes easily.

Especially, after finishing a product, you want to check its moisture again, but the function measured by type with the battery will leave traces on your product. You just need to switch the mode to pinless type and measured as normal.

By using an all-in-one moisture meter, you are available for many larger tasks than pin – type or pinless – type moisture meter.

In conclusion

I have presented some excellent benefits for this all-in-one machine. You see that the device is amazing right? Let’s research and buy one for yourself and your family immediately.

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