In most of the articles, I wrote before. I always mention the technical problems of a table saw. But I find the problem I am going to say right away is also extremely essential and necessary. It can also become a leading factor when you choose to select the table. That is about safety. Many people only consider the functions of the machine as it is modern or easy to use? They forget how good the device is but the safety of users is not guaranteed, it will no extended be valid.

Accordingly, in this article, I only focus on the safety of parts of the table saw. Let’s read and find out.

Table saw
Table saw

Function to guard against saw blades

In my opinion, I find this function extremely necessary and important to choose all types of table saws from the best portable saws to the best stationary table saws. It is made of plastic or metal material, shaped like a saw blade and wrapped outside the saw blade. This function helps users to use the saw safely and blame dangerous cases that may occur such as saw blades cutting into fingers.

Even so, there are many people using table saws who don’t see this blade protection function. By following them, it makes the woodcut when finished with traces left. Moreover, when they want to change their tongue, they take a lot of time. Therefore, many carpenters do not equip this function for table saws.

Receiving many negative comments, Producers are trying to reduce the disadvantages that the blade protection function causes make for you to be able to use it most conveniently and safely.

Splitters and Anti-kickback pawls

One of the leading causes of danger for people using saws is due to kicking back. Occurs when the wood panel is cut at a speed too fast, it is reflected the user. That is very dangerous. Why does it happen? Because the contact between the saw and the fence does not guarantee that the teeth on the back of the saw exert a great force on the wood. Consequently, to overcome this, manufacturers have created a splitter that is shaped like a small straight saw formed of metal or plastic standing behind a circular saw. It has quickly become a solution to solve this problem.

Accompanied by splitters are two legs to anti-kickbacks is placed on either side of the wood plate during work to avoid the loose out of the wood. They work quite effectively. But when you want to cut a horizontal board, this part is not necessary that will interfere with your cutting process

Riving knife

Just like the function of splitter but improved much better. For example, a riving knife can move with the blade and also protect the user by not being able to touch the back of the blade.

Sensor mechanism

According to research by many experts, the rate of injury when using table saws is increasing every day. 9 minutes will occur in one case. Some people are lightly scratched and some are amputated, … extremely dangerous. 

How to prevent? To solve this problem, manufacturers have created a sensor. It is extremely modern and sophisticated. It has a very good human skin sensor. When it feels human skin needs a saw blade. The machine will automatically turn off immediately. The whole action is within 0.02 seconds. You will only scratch or bleed a little instead of losing your whole hand.

Magnetic switch

The magnetic switch is another great invention in terms of human and machine protection. It will automatically turn off the breaker when your working process is too long to heat the machine, which is the reason for the explosion. When the device is turned off to warn you to give the device a break, then use it again.

Sticks to push wood

Sticks to push wood are increasingly popular today as more and more accidents can happen at any time. It helps workers do not need to touch their hands directly but can also push the wood through the blade easily. You can buy it at any store, or you can do it yourself. However, you should choose a stick with a hard material that is not easy to break during use.

In conclusion

Safety is an especially significant factor when working with table saws. I hope that through this article you can choose the table saw which has many modern features and has many features to protect users.

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