Probably should be titled o.a.q. (occasionally asked questions), but here goes:

Q: Are all your recipes from scratch?

A: Pretty much. I one-hundred-percent believe that cooking is meant to be time spent with and for the people we love, making something good for us, with our own hands. Sure, it takes time, sometimes up to an hour just for one dish (those are actually pretty rare—you can whip up most of these recipes in under 30 minutes). But spending that time forces us to slow down our crazy schedules, and it allows us to experience life in a richer, more meaningful way.

Q: I see a recipe or two that calls for goat cheese. What’s up with cheese on a vegan blog?

A: Yes, I do need to admit that I’m a cheat. But I only cheat with goat cheese from Split Creek Farm. The owners treat their animals kindly, give them a great life, and care for them into old age until they pass away naturally there on the farm, even after they stop producing. If you want in on the good, you’ll want to check out their site and order some. (They’ve also won awards and all kinds of cool accolades for their yummy cheese.)

Q: Why don’t you post recipes for vegan versions of Southern favorites, like fried chicken?

A: If I ever figure out how to make a convincing version of these things, I will. I remember that I used to love fried chicken back in the day. But I’m not big on the over-processed-soy-such-and-such that’s supposed to be fake chicken, beef, etc. So if you know of a good recipe for something fabulously Southern, please tell me about it!

Q: What do you do for a living?

A: I get to write! I’m a lucky girl. I write for a few awesome clients’ websites, blogs, and marketing collateral.

Q: I see you recommend products sometimes. Are you paid to do this?

A: I only recommend products because I like them. Honesty is important to me, so I’d never accept payment to recommend a product. If a person or company has given me a product, and if I decide that I like it and want to recommend it, I’ll make it really clear that it was given to me for free. Either way, I’m not going to say I like something if I don’t.

Q: Do you have any culinary training?

A: Nope. Everything I post is what I’ve learned over the years of eating good food, poring over cookbooks, watching Food Network, reading Food & Wine and Saveur magazines, interviewing chefs (which I did a lot of during a stint as a writer for a local newspaper), and making lots of really bad mistakes while cooking.

Q: I have a question. Can I get in touch with you?

A: Yes, please do! Send me a message and we’ll chat!